Developing Confidence In Soccer Players

The younger you are, the harder this concept will be for you
to understand. Yet, the younger you are, the more
opportunity you will have to grow.

Football is a mental game.

What do I mean by mentalĀ?

I mean, your successes and failures on the football pitch,
are directly linked to your mental strength; your ability to
control your emotions, remain disciplined, work harder,
smarter, and more effectively (when most would give up).

Continue reading and you will understand more and more.

If you really want to achieve great things in football
you need to understand and learn how to improve
the mental side of your game.

Doing so will not only allow you to tap into your true potential
on the football pitch but also every area of your life.

I wish I had the mental strength I have now,
when I was 14 years old.

I could only imagine where I would be with my life
if that statement were true.

This is the gift I want to give you.

However, I cannot give it to you. Mental strength is something you
must give yourself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you where to find it.

Let’s start with 3 basic principles of mental strength you can
start applying in your life (on and off the field) right away:

Positivity. If you think positive thoughts, you will attract
positive action into your life. Always look for the positive in
every situation. Life is too short to be angry and frustrated.

Instead try to be the most positive person on and off the field.
A positive attitude is contagious. It will encourage your
teammates, friends and family, to be more positive.

Solution Oriented.
There will always be problems in your life.
But with problems come great opportunity. Once you have
analyzed the problem, instead of doing what most people
do (focus on the problem) focus all of your energy on
solutions to your problem.

Successful people are action takers. They don’t sit around and
complain about their situation. They start taking massive, positive
action, right away. They know that positive action focused on
solutions will create the life they want and deserve.

Whatever your problem, there is always a solution.
It’s up to you to find it.

No excuses. The average person has too many excuses for why
they can’t do something right now. If you want to succeed
in football (and life) you need to completely eliminate excuses
from your life.

Excuses don’t help you get closer to your goals (they take you
further away from your goals). Moving past excuses will
actually make you more mental strong and give you more
positive momentum to go out and conquer your goals.

Watch this video to understand in more depth the
importance of mental development for soccer players:

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Overall, realize this game is much more than technical skills
and physical fitness. Start taking yourself ahead of the competition
by unlocking the true power of your mind and your true potential
as a footballer (and more importantly, a person).

This is the beginning to a new era of your life:
the era of self-improvement.

Not only are you going to become a better footballer,
you are going to become better in every area of your life.

You deserve a life of greatness.

Every dream and goal you have had can be achieved,
but only if you put in the work necessary to improve yourself
and reach that level of greatness.

What are you waiting for?

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