How To Be Confident

How To Be More Confident

“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back,
it’s who you think you are not.”

– Hanoch McCarthy

Whether you currently struggle with confidence issues or not,
I want you to know that you can learn to become confident.

It’s extremely important to be confident in yourself. It makes you
better at what you do, it makes you more fun to be around,
it gives you more energy; it makes life better.

Confidence is key.

However, confidence is not something that can be given to you,
it is something you must earn for yourself.

How do you earn confidence?

Watch this video and learn how to start
earning confidence right away:

My 3 rules of confidence:

Stop whining about your lack of confidence. If you don’t have
confidence, don’t waste anymore time complaining about it.

Start doing something to gain more confidence. Take action.
Gaining confidence is all about putting yourself out there without the
fear of being wrong. Stop over-thinking and start doing.

Use your confidence to gain more confidence. The more you use
your confidence to do things that you were previously afraid or
made you feel uncomfortable, the more confidence you will
gain from your positive action. This is called positive momentum.

A lot of players claim to be confident in general, but
when game day comes something happens. They get extremely
nervous, start doubting themselves, and lose confidence.

This is another mental issue.

You must rise above the nonsense to a clearer state of mind,
and remind yourself that you are more than capable of
conquering the obstacle in front of you.

Watch this video on how to not get nervous before games:

You now know exactly what you have to do to be more confident.

However, theory and application are two totally different things.

You have two choices:

1) You can remain scared, shy, and nervous.

2) You can apply what you have learned and act in the face of your fears.

You’re a smart person.
I know you’ll make the right choice.

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