How To Believe In Yourself

How To Believe In Yourself

This is where success starts.

You will never succeed if you don’t believe
in your own ability to do so. On the other hand,
if you do believe in your ability to succeed, than anything
you want to achieve in the game of football is absolutely possible.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t,
you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

In all honesty, at the current moment you are not good enough
to achieve your goals. No hard feelings, I’m simply being real.

Notice, I didn’t say: you will never be good enough.
I only said, currently you are not good enough.

This means that you have the potential to be good enough,
but you have to 1) start believing in yourself, and
2) start working extremely hard to turn your goals into realities.

Watch this video on the topic of self-belief:

Oh and let’s get this one out of the way,
because I know you are probably going to ask me:

Once you have eliminated doubt and established self-belief,
ask yourself these important questions:

What do you want to achieve? You need a goal(s). It’s impossible
to hit a target, if you can’t see where you are aiming. What do you want
to achieve in 5 years? 1 year? 6 months?

Why must you achieve it?
It’s great that you want to achieve these
goals but if you don’t have motivating factors to keep you pushing
forward, you will be much more likely to lose focus.

Why will achieving this goal make your life better?

How are you going to make it happen?
You have a goal and
reasons why you must achieve this goal. Finally you must create a
plan of action. How are you going to turn this goal into a reality?

What are you going to do everyday to take you closer to your goals?

Many players have self-belief but start to question themselves
when they get negative response from other players, coaches,
or even total strangers.

Realize what someone else thinks doesn’t matter.

Always accept criticism and use it to make yourself better.
But overall, believe in yourself.

Watch this video for more advice on this specific topic:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Have you started believing yet!?

Be overly confident, yet extremely humble.

It is essential to believe in yourself and be confident in your ability to
succeed but in a quiet and respectful (not cocky) way.

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