How To Play Soccer

If I could quickly teach you how to play soccer
with a few short videos would you be interested?

Success starts with desire.

If you want to learn how to play soccer better,
you must truly want to improve.

Congratulate yourself. The simple fact that you are reading this article
right now shows that you want to improve and are taking
steps towards improvement.

Next, what are you doing to improve?

Desire and intent are wonderful,
but what good are they without action?

Most players share with me their football dreams and ambitions,
but when it comes time to put in the hard work on a regular basis,
they are nowhere to be found.

Okay, it’s great you want to improve,
but what are you doing to improve?

This is your life. This is your future.
If you want to play better on the soccer field, you have to put
in the work to improve; no one else is going to do it for you.

You have the potential for greatness inside of you,
but you have to go out and earn it a little bit everyday.

What have you done today to become a better player tomorrow?

There should never be a day when you look at yourself and you are
the same player (or person) you were yesterday. If you want to be
a great player, you must improve yourself in someway everyday.

Watch this video on how to play soccer better:

Above all, follow these simple principles and you will begin to see
improvements in your performances on the soccer field:

Keep it simple. Football is a simple game; men make it very difficult.
Don’t over complicate the play. Focus on playing with limited touches;
passing and moving into new space. The longer you hold onto
the ball the easier you will be to defend.

Play harder. Even if you don’t have the best technical skill, you can
count on your work ethic to keep you in the game. If you are
willing to be the hardest working player on the field, it’s only
a matter of time before you will be one of the best. Hard work
will always be rewarded in one way or another.

Play quicker. The big difference between amateur and professional
level football is not the size and strength of the players or their
technical ability. The biggest difference is the speed of play.

Always make an effort to move the ball more quickly,
attack quicker, defend quicker, play quicker.

Finally I should say, if you want to play better,
you must learn from players who are better than you.

Watching (and analyzing) professional football is one of the most
beneficial things you can do in regards to your development as a player.

Watch this video for more information on the topic:

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