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The Best Soccer Drills

The 1st important concept I want you to understand may be a bit
hard for you to hear:
You don’t know anything!

I tell myself this all the time. But why?

Okay, you might know some things. But in the big picture, we know
nothing because there is so much more to learn.

If you ever get to the point where you think you know everything
about a subject, you will stop growing, and the opportunities
you once had will slowly start to slip away.

The 1st key to realizing your true potential as a player is to understand,
you have much to learn. Your mind should be like a hungry sponge,
taking in as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Improving stars with learning.

The fact that you are reading this article right now shows that
you are serious about learning and improving.

However, learning is one thing, applying what you learn is a much
different story. And this is where most players lose focus and
consequently lose out on opportunities for improvement.

Knowledge is power,
but only when combined with action.

You must act on what you learn if you want to improve.
Learning the best soccer drills is cool, but it is useless
unless you actually use them on a regular basis.

Only read forward if you realize you have much to learn and
unlimited room for improvement, if you are willing to work
hard for what you want, and you know talk is cheap
(improving is all about taking action).

If you want to get serious results form your training,
here is what you need to do:

Be consistent.You won’t see improvements overnight. You will
only see improvements if you stick with this for the long run. This
isn’t a quick fix. You are starting a life of long-term, self-development.

This idea of hard work for long-term gains doesn’t discourage you.
It excites and motivates you because you know the competition isn’t
going to put in the consistent work that you are going to.

Work harder. If you want more results, you have to do more work.
If you continue to do the same thing you have always done, you
will only get the same results. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hard work is everything. Talent is nothing without hard work.
Make a commitment to work harder every time you step on the field.
Hard work is always rewarded, if not instantly, eventually.

Be patient. Don’t get frustrated if you aren’t seeing improvements
right away. Simply analyze what you are doing. What you need to do to
improve and take massive action.

I guarantee if you make an effort to improve
yourself in some way as a player (and person) everyday. It will
only be a matter of time before you are blown away by the
improvements you have made.

Team practices and games are extremely important and you
will not improve significantly without them. But the time you spend
developing your skills on your own is when you will see the biggest
improvements in your game.

Watch this video for ideas on how to create your own
individual training session:

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