Soccer Juggling Drills

The Best Soccer Juggling Drills

Juggling is the foundation of ball control.

What is ball control? Basically, it is the ability to make the ball
do what you want, when you want, how you want.

A player with ball mastery (total ball control) is extremely confident in
their ability to receiving and transfer the ball with every part of his/her body.

This is your ultimate goal: ball mastery.

You will not be a master overnight but if you continue to
challenge yourself and improve your ball control on a regular basis
you will soon see the on-field impact it will make in your performances.

If you want to get improve your ball control
you will have to do these 3 things for yourself:

Practice daily. Constant repetition is the path to progression. Commit
at least 10 minutes per day to improving your juggling skills. With
consistency comes improvement. Stay motivated. Don’t lose focus.

Beat your record. If you can juggling 6 today. Make a commitment to
yourself to get 7 tomorrow. If you can juggle to a 100, you must get
101 before tomorrow is done. Once you master basic juggling technique
you will be able to go forever, it simply comes down to concentration.

Challenge yourself.
If you want more improvements, you need to
change yourself with more demanding exercises. Different juggling
techniques will force you to develop ball control with all different
parts of your feet and body. Remember, challenging = worthwhile.

If you are losing control of the ball while juggling, it comes
down to technique. Determine what may be going wrong.
Make an adjustment to your technique. Try again.

Watch this Beginner Soccer Juggling Tutorial to get started:

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to challenge yourself (not only
in ball control but every area of your life). If you are staying in your
comfort-zone (doing what is easy) you will miss out on valuable
opportunities for improvement.

Watch these videos for more advanced juggling techniques
you can use to challenge yourself:

Whatever happens, do not get frustrated.

Frustration will not make you a better player (or person).
Frustration is a useless human emotion. Instead of getting frustrated,
channel your frustration into motivation for improvement.

Don’t get frustrated. Just get better.

Watch this video for more advice on the topic:

In the end, you must hold yourself accountable for your own
development. When you skip out on training, or get frustrated instead
of concentrating on improving, you are the only one who loses out.

This is your life.

These are your opportunities.

It’s up to you to put in the work if you want the improvement.
No one else is going to do it for you.

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