Soccer Positions

Would you like to be confident playing
in all of the Soccer Positions on the field?

In order to become a great player,
you must become a student of the game.

Learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can
(the amazing thing is there is always more to learn).

A great way for players to learn about the game and improving
themselves along the way is by spending time playing
in different positions on the soccer field.

The last thing you want to do is become a one-dimensional player:
an “attacker” or a “defender”.

Instead focus on becoming a complete or multi-dimensional player:
a player who can play comfortably in every position on the field.

Every position will teach you something valuable about
the game and yourself. Becoming comfortable in each position
will make you a better defender and attacker, it will force you
to develop different techniques and attributes, and overall
it will make you a well-rounded player.

Watch these soccer position tutorials to get
a better understand of each position and the game in general:

In order to make all of this information worthwhile:

Study this content.
Apply it on a regular basis.
Grow as a player.

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