Soccer Shooting Drills

The Best Soccer Shooting Drills

Shooting is the most difficult technique to master.

You have to look at this as a good thing. If something is difficult to
achieve, it is more likely your competition isn’t willing to put in the
work necessary. You on the other hand are willing to work hard
and consistently for what you want and deserve.

Difficult challenges motivate you because you know
the rewards will be worthwhile.

Shooting with power and accuracy comes from technique.
Don’t focus on getting stronger legs or trying to kick the ball harder.

Both of those ideas will help but only after you have mastered the
basics of good shooting technique.

Watch this video for a brief tutorial on proper
soccer shooting technique:

If you are serious about improving your shooting technique
you must follow these three principles:

Shoot daily. Consistency is everything (especially with difficult skills).
At first they may seem difficult, but with enough study, and hard work
you will begin to have more success and enjoy those difficult skills
that once discouraged you from practicing.

Use both feet.
A one-footed player is only half as good as he/she
could be. If you want to be a great player and score more goals
you need to be able to shoot the ball with accuracy and power
using both your left and right foot.

Analyze each shoot.
Until you can step outside of yourself and
analyze every shot you take, you will struggle to improve.

Watch this video to learn more about analyzing your shots:


Use these soccer shooting drills to improve:

Practice, practice, practice.

I strongly recommend you spend at least 10 minutes each day
improving your shooting with both feet. If you can commit to this
you will not only see results in your shooting ability and confidence,
but the amount of goals you score in a season will start to rise.

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