Soccer Training For Stamina

Soccer Training For Stamina

A football match is 90 minutes long. Most players usually hit
empty around the 60th or 70th minute mark (some players even earlier).

If you want to be able to play at your full potential for the
full game, you must put in the work necessary to improve your stamina.

Improving your stamina in theory is simple:

1) Push yourself to a new limit in your stamina training
2) Be consistent with your stamina training

Theory and application are two different things.

All of the advice I am about to share with you is extremely valuable,
but completely useless if you aren’t willing to put in the actual work.

Follow these tips to make an
instant improvement in your soccer stamina:

Just start. Talk is so cheap. Getting results is all about action.
Instead of talking about how you want to improve your stamina,
start doing something to improve your stamina. Go out for a run.
Do some sprints. Jog to school. The important thing is that
you are taking positive action towards improvement.

Talk Positively.
This is so much more mental than you realize.
When you are struggling to push forward, lack motivation, or
start to doubt your ability, you need to talk positively to yourself.

Tell yourself you can. Remind yourself of all the good things
that will come with your hard work. Congratulate yourself. And then ask
for even more. The way you talk to yourself is so extremely important.
You must be your own greatest motivator.

Focus on technique.
Instead of focusing on how much longer you
have to run, focus on your running technique:

Keep your upper body ahead of your lower body.
Land on the balls of your feet (not your soles).
Keep your arms moving forward (rather than across body).
Slightly lengthen your stride and drive your knees.

This is probably one of the most important videos you can
watch on improving soccer stamina:

Use these videos soccer stamina training drills to improve:

Most people don’t enjoy pushing themselves.

And that is understandable, but if you can learn to love pushing
yourself to a new limit (because you know it’s going to make you better)
you will have much more success in your future.

All of these ideas are valuable and they will help if you apply
them but remember one very important thing:

There is no substitute for hard work.

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