Soccer Training For Strength

Soccer Training For Strength

Improving your strength will help your ability to
perform well on the field.

It will help you protect the ball, win tackles, and battle for headers.
It will help you become faster and more explosive.
It will help you reduce injuries.

If these are not enough incentives for you,
realize improving your strength will not only make you better
on the football pitch but in your everyday life.

If you are new to strength training, base your exercise
around these three simple yet powerful principles:

Form & Control. Do the exercise properly. Always focus on
good posture, balance, and actually feeling the movement in
the specific muscle group the exercise is targeting.

Heavy Weight.
I encourage players with no strength training
experience to start without weight (body weight exercises).
Once you have become comfortable controlling your body
in different ways you can start to use weights.

Always keep good form and be smart when using weights
(or you will injury yourself). But use heavy weights that challenge
you to do more each time. Aim for a weight that will make it
extremely difficult (yet possible) to complete 10 repetitions.

Your body needs time to rest and recover. If you don’t let it
rest not only will you stop the development of strength in
your body, but you will also risk the chance of injury.

It is okay to work different muscle groups on consecutive
days, but if you are working out properly your muscles
need time to rest, recover, and grow.

Use these soccer strength training videos
to improve your strength:

“No pain, no gain.”
– Unknown (if anyone knows who to credit this to, email me)

You will not become great by doing easy things.
This idea applies to fitness and soccer, but also every area of your
life. If you want to become better you have to continually challenge yourself
in increasingly difficult ways until they become easy.

Learn to love the pain.
Learn to love challenging yourself.
Learn to love getting out of your comfort-zone.

If you want to improve you must learn to love
all of these things because you know that doing them will,
in the end, make you a better player (and person).

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