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Soccer Training For Fitness

Technical skills and game smarts are extremely important,
and you will never be a successful player without them.

However, neglecting development of the physical component of your
game is one of the biggest mistakes a player can make.

Your physical development starts right now.

First lesson of fitness:

In order for you to improve yourself (in any area) you must push
yourself to a point you have never been before. If the work
you are doing is easy, you will not improve.

On the other hand, if the work you are doing is extremely
challenging and forces you to do more than you have done in the past,
you will improve.

Once you start to put this idea into action, I guarantee
you will understand how valuable this piece of advice actually is.

Here are the basics areas of fitness and a few
soccer training exercises for each:

Speed and Acceleration. Improving this will allow you to run
faster both with and without the ball (attacking and defending).

Agility. Improving this will allow you to move more quickly across the
field, increase footwork speed, and defend more effectively.

Strength & Stability. Improving this will help you protect the ball,
win tackles and headers, improve speed, and reduce injury.

Stamina. Improving this will allow you to play at your full potential for longer.

Flexibility. Improving this will help you reduce the chance of injury,
post-match soreness, increase power and overall on-field performance.

Do what is hard. If the exercises you are doing are easy,
you are wasting your time and will not see improvement.

You must push yourself out of your comfort-zone to see results. Your goal
is to push yourself to the point where you feel like giving up.

And then, at that exact moment, if you continue to push forward instead
of giving up (like that little voice in your head is telling you), that is the exact
moment that you will earn your improvement; do that on a regular basis and
you will be absolutely blown away by your improvements.

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