Youth Soccer

Youth Soccer Training Resource

Warning: This is an advanced program that requires 1) desire to improve,
2) true passion for the sport, 3) great work ethic, and 4) time

However, every youth soccer player can take something
valuable from this resource regardless of their level of commitment.

*Follow this training program daily.
*I want you to select 1 day a week that you are not doing anything physical.
*On that day relax, drink lots of water, and eat lots of quality food.

(A) Morning

Complete as soon as you wake up before breakfast.
Eat a large breakfast directly after.

(1) 5 Mins Dynamic Stretching

(2) 10 Min Steady Jog (50% of maximum speed)
(3) 10 Push Up, 10 Squat, 1 Minute Plank
(4) Juggling (beat your record by 1)

(5) 10 Mins Fast Footwork Drills

(6) 5 Mins Static Stretching


(B) Midday

Complete after breakfast or lunch but before dinner.

*This is your main training session
*This is where you need push yourself HARDER than ever before!
*The session is broken into 2 components: Skills & Fitness 


(1) 5 mins dynamic stretching

(2) 2 mins light jogging (30% max speed)

(3) 5 mins 1v1 Dribbling Skills

(4) 5 Mins Dribbling Turns

(5) 5 Mins Directional Juggling

(6) 15 Mins Shooting (Both Feet!)

*Practice like you are in a game
*When you are doing these drills don’t do them slow
*Imagine players around you, you have to move quickly and efficiently
*Push yourself harder than you would in the game


(1) 2 min Light Stretching

(2) 2 min Light Running (30% max speed)

(3) Plyometrics (1st day)

(4) Strength Training (1st day)

(5) Agility Training (2nd day)

(6) Speed & Acceleration (2nd day)

(7) 5 min Static Stretching

*If you can do more in your fitness training, do more!
*If I recommend 15 reps but you know you can push yourself to 20, do more.

*Always try to do more each time.
If you did 10 last time, do 12 this time.

*1st day of week do Plyo+Strength, 2nd day do Agility+Speed,
and switch until your day of rest comes, then start the week over.

*Don’t try to be tough and do all the fitness on one day,
it’s very important that you train different areas of fitness on different days.


(C) At Night

Team Practice or Playing with Friends For Fun

*Get to your practice early and have a really good stretch (your whole body)

*In your practice don’t just be the best skilled player
*Be the hardest working player (this is so important)

*Always be focused, always keep your head up, learn as much as you can

*Stay 10 minutes after to take 15-20 freekicks
*Get a really good stretch right after the training


(D) Before Bed

Take care of your body so you can train hard tomorrow.
Tomorrows training starts tonight¦

(1) 5 Mins Juggling
(2) 5 Mins Static Stretching



(E) Analyzing Real Football

Complete this during the day/night, whenever you have time.

*You must watch & analyze at least 1 professional match per week
*You must also watch & analyze at least 3 match highlights daily per day (

Watch this video to understand how to analyze the game properly:


(F) Important Videos For
Your Development

Watch these at least 2 times and actually make an
effort to use what you learn in these videos.

Don’t just watch them. USE THEM!

Must Watch:

Soccer Nutrition: 

*You should always be eating something before and after workouts
*You should try to eat every 3 hours

Soccer Hydration:

*You should be drinking before, during, and after all workouts
*Drink water throughout the day

How To Prevent Injuries:

How To Be Confident:

How To Be Real:

How To Believe:


How To Run Faster:

How To Not Get Frustrated:

How To Run Faster And Longer:

How To Be Aggressive:

How To Play Quicker Football:

How To Not Get Nervous:

Dribble Everywhere:

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